Hello world!

March 19, 2010

I guess this whole obsession started as a child looking through my Mom’s closet full of Pucci dresses and Geoffrey Bean sportswear and what seemed an endless collection of evening bags in satin or studded with crystals with shiny framed clasps that snapped satisfyingly open and closed.  She was a hip British gal from swinging London with a great sense of style who had married the Yank and been carted off to the cultural wasteland of Southern California.  I, on the other hand, was a born and bred beach chick who loved my satin jacket and Jordache jeans and desperately yearned to grow 8″ and become the next Brooke Shields. Funilly enough, between 7th and 8th grades I did.  Grow 8 inches that is.  I went from a chunky, 5’2″ seventh grader to a slim willowy 5’10” teenager over the course of one year.  My sister to this day will still swear that it happened by sheer force of will.  So I basically spent the next 25 years as a slave to fashion, forever hoping to drop that last half inch off my hips so I could get the REAL editorial jobs modelling high fashion instead of the commercial and catalog work that I spent most of my relatively successful modeling career doing.

It was while modelling in Japan in the late eighties that the epiphany struck:  (The makeup artists there are some of the best in the world, and have a wonderful and highly underrated tradition of giving their subjects a face massage before applying the makeup to increase circulation and give the face a nice glow.)  I noticed that they all carried their makeup in these beautiful and fantastically organized laquer boxes that, like little bento boxes, kept all their makeup sorted in shiny little sections.  AAhhhh!  I had found my true mission in life, to create the perfect makeup case that was both wildly fashionable and wonderfully practical! (…to be continued).